Sheila Ndanu divorced by her husband for suspecting an affair with William Hausa


Martin Kariuki Husband to Sheila Ndanu famously known as Madam Vicky actress to Maria of Citizen TV has been arrested today morning after assaulting his wife for suspecting cheating on him with her acting partner Dennis Musyioka famously Known as William Hausa or Boss William.

“I was rescued by our neighbors who heard me calling for help but he was almost stabbing me, he had planned to stab me and take his own life” – she said with total bitterness.

Sheila has also revealed that he has been beating her every time she went for the play

rehearsals and even threatened to kill her not unless she stops acting and focus on her marriage and family.

Martin Kariuki has been taken to kilimani police station as investigation are still going on.

Kilimani OCS says confirmed this the third time Sheila has reported her husband over assaults


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