‘God MUST forgive all my sins because I have praised Him in my song’-Jowie says after releasing a Gospel Song


Joseph Irungu popularly known as Jowie is now claiming that the Almighty God should have the courtesy to cleanse away his prior sins after he released a song dabbed ‘Nishikilie’ in which he alludes that he has aired out his confessions.

Irungu had shared out his ambitions of joining the Gospel music industry with a debut song to be released on 19th 08,2020.

However, the released song seems to have tried to set Irungu back into the limelight, with a stunt. Besides the once again fame, Joseph Irungu now wants God to do away with his sins which saw him being locked being Kamiti Maximum prison for a period of one year.

“My new Gospel song will now see my sins being cleansed by Almighty God. I have praised him in the new single dubbed Nishikilie and I hope he will stand with me henceforth”, wrote Irungu on his Facebook page.

A section of Netizens has since blasted him saying that he does not have authority over Almighty God to declare immediate forgiveness on grounds that he has praised God via a song.

Jowie and his ex-fiancée, former news anchor Jacque Maribe were arrested after Monica’s body was found dead at her Lamuria Gardens apartment, Kilimani on September 19th, 2018. The arrests came after investigators placed Jowie at the scene of the crime and two appeared before Justice Jessie Lessit on October 15, 2018, where they pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. Maribe secured bail not long after and was released whereas Jowie was put behind bars for more than a year for fear of absconding future appearances as he had no known physical address


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