2 homosexual men arrested in Kakamega rapes one man in a police cell


Two men arrested in Kakamega for getting intimated are said to have gone ahead and raped another man in the police cell where they were being held.

The men, who were arrested in Kakamega, in Shikambi village are said to have defiled underage boys within the locality and this prompted efforts to look into the matter where the two were trapped in the middle of the act.

The two men were arrested before the wrath of the angry villager had landed on them. Residents within the village condemned the act calling it UNGODLY and that the two deserved to be prosecuted for their evil act.

They were however escorted to Kakamega police station where they would spend the rest of their night.

But the hungry for sexual satisfaction between the two men prompted them to go ahead where they raped their fellow cellmates.

The victim narrates the two men started eyeing on him as soon as they entered the cell and that one of them started touching him provocatively. This is when they waited until midnight and wrapped their fellow cellmate in a corner and committed the act.

Kakamega Police Station OCPD David Kabena said that the two have committed repeated acts and that they will have to face the full force of the law.


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