A missing Aisha Jumwa battling a swollen nipple


Malindi Member of Parliament, Aisha Jumwa is suffering from a health condition where it is reported that her left nipple is itchy and swollen and is bigger than the right sided one. This is a rare condition that has repeatedly affected the outspoken legislator forcing her to keep off from the public.

Medics at Nairobi hospital believe Aisha Jumwa’s condition is manageable as it only requires a small surgery. “We will be able to balance the nipples once we remove the bacteria causing infection on the left side” Dr Aggrey Okumu said in a statement.

For those who are not nursing or pregnant (as well as for those who are), nipple pain may also be a sign of infection. Most breast infections — also known as mastitis — are caused by bacteria that enter the skin through a break or crack in the nipple tissue. Once infected, the tissue of the breast and nipple can become itchy and painful to the touch. Medical treatment may be necessary if the nipple or breast becomes noticeably swollen or red, or feels abnormally warm.

Nipple pain can also be caused by certain skin conditions, such as eczema or dermatitis. These conditions can result in itchy, flaky skin that may be painful if left untreated. Fibromyalgia, a disorder that causes muscles and tissues to become tender or sore, can also result in nipple pain.


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