Meet a chronic Nairobi MCA who has impregnated more than 8 girls during this period


A Nairobi prominent MCA is on the spot for his chronic behavior of having an affinity to school-going girls where he has taken an opportunity to the current prevailing pandemic situation to carry out what he is best at.

The MCA has been the talk of his ward which will remain anonymous due to certain confidentiality of our source. Parents lamenting for teen pregnancy from the MCA has caused them to seek help from the area chief but all in vain.

The MCA’s deep connection to what is termed into the ‘state’ has left parents helpless with the responsibility of taking care of their pregnant girls.

Recently, the MCA is rumored to have lured a 17-year-old girl into his sheets after spoiling her with obscene and crazy surprises.

The MCA is said to have forgotten his role to represent his servants who made sure he was voted into office. Apparently, the MCA has turned into the role of spreading apart legs for the teens, but wait, can he try to use some protection? This guy doesn’t care about STI, HIV, and neither does he care about impregnating the girls.

The MCA does one thing, identify a girl, invite her for a date after sending her huge about of cash that confuses the girls. After taking the girls to high-end joints, the MCA takes them to the lodging where the rest is finalized. He then switches off his phone or put it on flight mode. At this point, he has disappeared like a ghost and he will be nowhere to be heard or seen henceforth.

The habit has left 8 girls pregnant for the MCA with no one call for their help.


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