Hatutaki pesa za wizi, family decline money from Ruto to bring back dead son


A Nairobi family has declined a donation of Ksh 300,000 offered to them from the deputy president William Ruto to aid in bringing back their son who died in Russia on grounds that the money is dirty.

Speaking to one of our sources, the family of  19 year old son who was studying Electrical Engineering In St Petersburg, Russia decided to openly decline the donation on grounds that any cash from the Deputy President William Ruto was bloody and not worth receiving.

This is after Johnstone Muthama has rechead out to the deputy president to aid in facilitating the transfer of the deceased back to the country for a decent burial.

This student, who is an alumnus of Alliance High school died on 22 of September and the family had difficulty with raising the funds to bring the body back into the country.

This then prompted Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama to intervene and in conjunction with the deputy president and had managed to raise Ksh 122,000 and Ksh 300,000 respectively.

However, the donation from the Dp’s side has been refused by the family following claims that they their religion didn’t accept money earned through dubious means.



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