Dj Mo attempts suicide, drives his car into a ditch


Famous gospel Dj Mo is rumored to have attempted to take away his life by deliberately  ramming his car into a ditch.

The incident which occurred today early morning is said to have left the Dj with minor injuries on the face and hands.

Sources have it that the Dj has been under stress since his wife packed her belongings and left the house.

A closer friend to the Dj has revealed that the Dj has been locking himself within the house while abusing unknown alcoholic drinks.

Another source has revealed hat the Dj was heard saying that he might do something serious if at all his wife, Size 8 won’t make an attempt to save their marriage.

The Dj is said to have left the house at around 6 Am in the morning with claims that he was to meet someone within the city.

He was then found bleeding in his car after it had rammed into a ditch alongside the smooth Mbagathi Road.

An eye witness at the scene claims that the Mercedes Benz which he was driving suddenly made a U – turn and drove into the sideways ditch.

The Dj was however rescued and taken to Nairobi Hospital where he is being attended to.


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