We will arrest you if u organize another donations-Atwoli tells Ruto


COTU General Secretary Francis Atwoli has cautioned the Deputy president William Ruto against issuing any form of donations henceforth without declaration of the source of money he uses to buy the goods.

Speaking today morning, Atwoli says that Ruto has started earlier 2022 campaigns using stolen money by luring youths with donations inform of wheelbarrows and fundraising.

The vocal Secretary General has vowed that he will ensure the DP is arrested if he continues with the donations without indicating where he has sourced the funds he is dishing to youths.

Atwoli claims that the Deputy President can’t incite the poor and dejected youth he has impoverished. He added that Ruto has looted billions and now he is inciting the youth while hiding under the hustle narrative.

“We are not going to entertain the nonsense of the DP organization rallies where he is dishing out wheelbarrows and billions which he has been looting. He is using this avenue to try prepare for earlier 2022 campaigns. We will not allow this and if he continues, we will make sure he has been arrested to answer to charges where he has gotten all this money “, said Atwoli.



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