Actress Pendo appeals to Kenyans help raise Ksh208000 hotel bill


Nairobi Diaries actress Stacy Vugutsa aka Pendo is now appealing to Kenyans to intervene and help raise Ksh 208000 hotel bill which she accumulated alongside lover who apparently escaped.

The acttress is said to have checked in an English Point Hotel in Mombasa in company of unidentified man where they stayed for more than 5 days, accumulating a bill worth Ksh 330, 000.

Upon realizing that they could not be able to settle the bill, the man is said to have escaped after jumping over the face leaving the actress in trouble.

The actress was however able to raise Ksh 145, 000,upon which he was given a grace period of 2 weeks to be able to clear the remaining amount.

The period elapsed and the actress was still in search of lover to facilitate clearance of the accumulated bill but in vain. This is when she was arraigned before a Mombasa court today. She was however asked to pay Ksh 100,000 bond or Ksh 35000 cash bail

She was also asked to clear the remaining amount before March 15 when she will face trail.

However, the actress is now asking Kenyans to intervene and help raise the amount as she claims that her financial status at the moment is poor and that she might not be able to raise the amount.

“Today I was in court and I have been asked to clear KSH208000.Am humbly appealing to Kenyans to help me raise this amount as my financial status is poor at the moment” wrote the actress on her Instagram.


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