Naweza kutandika vibaya Sana-Sudi tells Buzeki as they fight at a funeral


A fight between Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi and a famous businessman known as Zedekiah Bundotich aka Buzeki broke up a funeral in Eldoret today afternoon.

The fight started after MP started gesturing and accused the businessman of taking too much time in giving his speech.

The businessman did not however take it lightly, and immediately asked the MP to shut up so that he could finish his speech.

“Allow me to finish. I have listened to you attack me many times, so calm down”, said the businessman.

The businessman continued to make his speech, this time praising the local member of parliament Swarup Mishra for the exemplary work as compared to Oscar Sudi whom he indicated that he had done little for his constituents.

This was amplified when Buzeki gestured to Sudi daring him to approach.

This simple words seemed to have angered Oscar Sudi who immediately rose from his seat and headed towards the businessman who was still making his speech.

“Unachezea Nani, naweza kutandika vibaya Sana wewe mzee” said Sudi as he approached closer to the businessman.

However,this was cut short by the security men who were closely following the mood and the tone of the speech between the two politicians.



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