Home Politics Ruto warned against flaunting COVID 19 rules using rallies

Ruto warned against flaunting COVID 19 rules using rallies


A meeting held at the State House on Friday 9th,headed by His excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta is said to have left the DP William Ruto dumbfounded after he was blamed for causing two deaths in Murang’a after chaos broke out

A section of Cs in attendance blamed the DP for organizing political rallies which were flaunting the set COVID 19 rules hence further putting the lives of Kenyans at risk.

The Cs also blamed the DP for using his confidant to air out insults at them which they claim that the acts was unfair.

The DP is said to have been one of the critical agenda during the meeting, with all fingers pointing on him, accusing him of carrying out political rallies prematurely and during the time the country is trying to get rid of the pandemic virus.

The DP was however given a chance to defend himself in front of the President and the Cs.

The DP however, denied the allegations claiming that he was not politicking rather, driving developmental agendas.



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