Kenyans should be afraid of Ruto, He is too angry for power


Nyeri Town Mp Ngunjiri Wambugu has cautioned Kenyans against voting for Dp William Ruto as the next president come 2022 citing that the next in command is a dictator.

The mp has claimed that the dp is a ruthless man despite being interllectually smart, and that Kenyans should be afraid of him come 2022.

The Mp states that the Dp is a man who keeps grudges and that he cannot handle constructive criticism.

He however positively praised the Dp for being smart, ambitious and a very hardworking politician but posses dictatotial traits which Kenyans should take into account if they decide to vote for him as the next president of Kenya.

The mp took to facebook and expressed his opinion.

Here is what he wrote:

“Those who know Ruto will tell you that he is very smart, very ambitious, very focused, very disciplined, and very hardworking. These are all powerful and positive traits. Those who know Ruto better will also tell you that he does not like being led, always thinks he’s the smartest person in the room, looks down at people who he thinks have had it easy in life (dynasties), and he does not understand what humility means,” he wrote



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