Dp Ruto slaps wife after she refused to join him for a church fundraising


Detailed revealations have emergerd on the troubled marriage between the Dp William Ruto and his wife Rachel Ruto.

Sources next to the second in command have revealed that the domestic violence betweeen the two seems not to end anytime some.

Previously, the Dp has on several occassion rumoured to be violent to his wife over small disagreements. Apparently, the allegations now seems to be a reality.

The early morning incident at the Dps. Karen home left workers dumbfounded after the Dp slapped his wife handly after she declined to accompany him to Igembe South where he was to attend for a church fundraising.

Sources have it that the Dp’s wife was not comfortable with the idea claiming that she was not assured of her safety as anything could arise at the ceremony.

Other sources next to the Dp indicates that Rachel Ruto, has never been comfortable with the numerous donations from his husband citing that it could pin him to corruption allegations.

As per now, the Dp is on his way to Igembe South without the company of his beautiful wife.



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