I gave Othuol a platform,i can’t contribute 100k for his burial-Churchill speaks


Kenyan comedian Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill has distanced himself from contributing for the late comedian Othuol Othuol claiming that he gave him enough platform and he did not use that chance.

Sources have it that the burial organizing committee for the late Othuol Othuol had appealed to Churchill for him to contribute ksh 100,000 towards  burial preparation.

However,the owner of the famous NTV churchill show has vindicated that the amount being required of him to raise towards the burial arrangements for the late comedian is too much ,despite of him having had offered him enough platform which could see the late comedian prosper in life.

According to Churchill,he alleges that he at one point offered and took the comedian to a rehabilitation centre where he catered for everything but the late comedian had deeply indulged into alcoholosm.

According to leaked whatsap voice call between Churchil and Sandra,aka Silphrosa,Churchill is heard narrating how he had gone beyond brotherhood in trying to save Othuol Othuol from the jaws of alcoholism and abject poverty.

“I gave Othuol Othuol enough platform to showcase his talent ANd uSe it wisely.I have in the past gone beyond brotherhood to try save othuol from alcoholsim and poverty.it was his choice and he usEd it to his best.You cannot therefore force me to raise ksh 100 k for hIs burial arrangements”, said churchil


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