Othuol had given up in life after getting HIV-Silphrosa speaks


Actress Sandra Dacha aka Silphrosa from Auntie Boss Tv series has revealed the kind of lifestyle the late Othuol Othuol lived upto his demise.

Upon being diagnosed with HIV, the comedian perceived this to be the end of his life.He immediatelly went into denial state and never recovered.

Silphrosa says that Othuol now decided to indulge into alcohol and at times he could drink himself and even sleep outside.

His HIV status now progressed and opportunistic infections begun set in. Silphrosa says that Othuol was later diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis in February 2019 and he later declined to take anti-tbs concurrently with ARVs.

He continued to indulge into alcohol and sold al his household items to get a money for a drink.

He was later diagnosed with liver cirrhosis until and his conditions worsened.

Sandra, who is among the burial committe is however calling for financial help to facilitate the burial of the comedian which will take place on 24 of October in Siaya home.


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