Woman In Gusii Region Confronts Deputy President Badly For Killing His Husband


Kenyans may remember that a few years back in Ogembo town, Kisii County, when DP William Ruto was on a meet the people tour, a middle aged woman ferociously charged towards the DP’s car and demanded that he gives her the body of her late husband to go and bury. It emerged that the woman – ¬†who hails from Tendere, Machoge Chache constituency¬† – had lost her husband in the 2007/2008 political violence and because of the raging violence in Nandi Hills area in Nandi County, she never found her husband’s body to perform the last rites for closure. When this happened, the shocked DP sunk into the sunroof of his car and disappeared towards Mogonga market on the Kisii-Kilgoris highway. He then called off other public meetings in Nyamache, Kenyenya and Nyangusu before being airlifted by his chopper to Nairobi. Despite coming back to Kisii and Nyamira counties severally after this notable incident, he has never looked for this woman even to console her. His millions of shillings are better used to buy a few wheelbarrows and hand carts for our poor youth. The same youths he promised 500,000 jobs annually in 2013! In fact he should be telling the youth of this county where the 3.5 million jobs he promised to create are instead of changing the narrative to wheelbarrows and handcarts!


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